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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 ⭐️ 4 45:00 Female Sarasota, FL 80° F 5K
My little Westie is a new rescue and learning to go on long walks, we had to do this in 3-4 one Mile sequence as she is just getting used to being out of a crate for 5 years. She was awesome!!!
2 πŸ† 12 40:53 Female Cibolo, TX 5K
3 52:26 Female Phoenix, AZ 5K
4 ⭐️ 4 37:13 Female Kennewick, WA 5K
Had to use a treadmill for the first time in years! Its been so smoky in eastern Washington. I put it on hills and went for it!
5 🐢 1:39:53 Female US 5K
6 ⭐️ 2 1:13:00 Female US 96° F 5K
7 58:00 Female Austin, TX 5K
8 ⭐️ 3 58:00 Female Austin, TX 89° F 5K
We did it over three days, very early morning walks to that Guinness' paws would not be burned from the summer heat in Texas
9 41:10 Female Helmetta, NJ 5K
10 ⭐️ 4 31:00 Female GA 5K
Ran on the treadmill, its way too hot to run outside with my fur-babies! The health tracker I use does not have a way to capture my data online, so I couldn't submit a link with it.
11 🌟 9 3:44:03 Female WA 87° F Half Marathon
12 πŸ† 11 1:41:48 Female Orlando, FL 10K
A sweaty run in 93 degrees weather.
13 🐢 ⭐️ 4 1:06:23 Female Las Vegas, CA 81° F 5K
14 ⭐️ 2 1:16:48 Female Riverside, CA 62° F 5K
It was a fantastic day to walk.
15 🌟 7 30:22 Female north Vancouver, BC 5K
16 1:07:00 Female Wenatchee, WA 10K
Did it in 3 sections, cause it was so hot and we had a lot of smoke in the area.
17 🐢 1:00:00 Male Canyon country, CA 5K
Did this event over three days. I earned my medal but don't want to wear it, even for a photo.
18 🌟 9 1:18:19 Female Santa Clarita, CA 5K
This was a combo run/walk with and without Max. I had to add some extra distance in this run as I was donating blood the next morning which would put me out of commission for running afterwards.
19 🐢 27:29 Male Oswego, IL 5K
20 🌟 5 27:29 Female Oswego, IL 5K
21 πŸ† 15 54:45 Male Richland, WA 61° F 10K
I went to Pacific City, Or. for a wedding and I found out the day before that there was a beach run, but of course I only brought wedding shoes and sandals. I hit up the Nike Outlet store and bought some new trainers. Laced up the shoes for the first time and took to the sand... Then got my new PUPPY (since this is all about puppies)
22 🌟 6 57:13 Female St. Charles , MO 5K
23 🌟 6 40:45 Female St. Charles , MO 5K
24 🌟 7 1:16:09 Female San Marcos, CA 10K
25 56:17 Female ON 75° F 5K
26 ⭐️ 2 47:21 Female ON 75° F 5K
27 ⭐️ 3 28:42 Female Bowmanville, ON 75° F 5K
28 29:15 Female Seattle, WA 5K
29 🌟 6 1:00:00 Female MO 5K
30 πŸ† 24 1:06:17 Female Corona, CA 80° F 5K
31 2:12:00:00 Female CA 26° C Half Marathon
32 21:58 Female Murrieta, CA 5K
33 1:12:00:00 Male Markham, ON 26° C Half Marathon
Objective achieved ... got my kids out walking around Niagara Falls and the local historical village over a weekend. No puppies involved :)
34 πŸ† 10 39:06 Female Federal Way, WA 59° F 5K
Ran around Greenlake with a group. My puppy can't run very far, but thought of her the whole way!
35 🐢 1:21:12 Female Roy, UT 63° F 5K
I love walking on the beach! I wish we had gone another 3.1 miles! Arroohhh!!
36 🐢 1:21:12 Female Roy, UT 63° F 5K
I had to stop and make many friends along the way. Great walk though! Woof!!
37 1:21:12 Female Roy, UT 63° F 5K
We were slow but enjoyed the scenery on the beach in Seaside Oregon. Lots of admirers for the dogs!
38 πŸ† 12 53:00 Female Bothell, WA 88° F 5K
Hot day, almost too hot to be out do a 5K walk.
39 🌟 9 34:25 Female Federal Way, WA 5K
In memory of the best friend I have ever had and for the promise of my next best friend that I am in the process of adopting.
40 50:32 Female Simi Valley, CA 5K
First 5k for my 8 month old pup! A lovely walk around our neighborhood :)
41 36:53 Male 5K
42 🐢 🌟 9 47:00 Female Okinawa, , JP 90° F 5K
43 🌟 7 38:04 Female Scottsdale, AZ 5K
44 51:31 Female Barstow, CA 87° F 10K
45 🐢 1:17:30 Male US 85° F 5K
I walked with my dog Rocco and I was so proud that he was able to finish. During Rocco's younger years, he would be able to run 5K straight. However, now that he is much older, this little Yorkie is unable to 'run' as he used and was therefore restricted to walking his event. Still, he had fun time doing his walk along the beach amidst all the people and activity next to the ocean in fairly ... See more »
46 🐢 35:28 Female Slippery Rock, PA 5K
47 35:28 Female PA 5K
48 🐢 1:20:00 Female Canton, MI 5K
49 1:20:00 Female US 78° F 5K
Lots of fun! The pups were pooped by the end!
50 πŸ† 11 45:00 Female Derry , NH 5K
51 🐢 1:17:21 Female Fullerton , CA 82° F 10K
52 πŸ† 13 1:01:28 Female Sewickley, PA 5K
53 🐢 1:05:00 Male Foster City, CA 75° F 5K
Enjoyed my long walk out with my mom..she took us on the bay trail.
54 1:05:00 Male CA 75° F 5K
Walked a brisk pace along the bay trial with my puppy Rocky
55 🐢 1:02:20 Male Bryan, OH 75° F 5K
Louie: This was a lot of fun! I went with Mom and my big brother at the same time. I set a PR - the longest distance I've even gone and the longest time I've walked! I loved getting treats when I got home. Oscar: The little dog slowed me down - and he barked a lot. We went out to the path at the retention pond, so we got that long walk, plus car rides there and back. I smelled lots of ... See more »
56 🌟 6 1:02:20 Female Bryan, OH 75° F 5K
Late start waiting for it to get cooler and ended up finishing in the dark after park hours - we're rebels! This was the first time I've taken both boys with me at the same time; we had a good go of it, but they def slowed me down. Overall, a lovely evening!
57 1:18:24 Female 5K
58 🐢 43:00 Female Slippery Rock, PA 79° F 5K
59 🐢 40:00 Female Slippery Rock, PA 75° F 5K
60 40:00 Male Slippery Rock, PA 75° F 5K
61 43:00 Female PA 79° F 5K
62 54:58 Female portland, OR 5K
63 πŸ† 16 47:24 Female Renton, WA 88° F 5K
The air so needs to get better!
64 🐢 26:53 Male CA 5K
I ❀️Running with my person 🐾
65 26:53 Female CA 5K
Perfect weather, beautiful area and running with my dog - nothing better!
66 🐢 30:20 Female AZ 105° F 5K
67 ⭐️ 2 50:26 Female Marietta, NY 5K
This was mine and Bandit's first 5k and we had a great time! He did so much better than I was expecting him to do. It was absolutely perfect and I am so happy we were given this opportunity.
68 55:49 Female Cadet, MO 72° F 10K
Very fun. Took my dog for part of it.
69 54:58 Female Portland, OR 99° F 5K
Hot and tiring but fun!!
70 50:15 Female Las Vegas, NV 90° F 5K
Conner and I did our run at Lone Mountain Park in Las Vegas Nevada. This was our first run and definitely not our last, I really enjoyed running with my pup and getting out of the house. We go hiking a lot so this was a nice change of pace. It got a little hot towards the end of the run though, we napped well after we got home.
71 ⭐️ 2 42:41 Female Hacienda Heights, CA 5K
Had a great time hanging out with my bff! Ready for the next one!
72 18:44 Male Shreveport, LA 90° F 5K
Our running group had a great run on one of the local tracks within our community. We have a great group and we all encourage one another and enjoying being active together.
73 3:00:00 Female Dearborn Heights, MI 76° F Half Marathon
74 1:03:51 Male Spiro, OK 5K
75 1:03:51 Female Spiro, OK 5K
76 1:03:51 Female Spiro, OK 5K
77 ⭐️ 3 28:17 Female Boston, MA 5K
78 ⭐️ 4 1:32:00 Female Sioux Falls, SD 10K
Did some walk/jog treadmill intervals, but mostly walking due to a lingering heel injury.
79 🐢 1:15:45 Male Reno, NV 5K
We did a hike and we climbed 1,000 feet in elevation!
80 🐢 1:15:45 Male Reno, NV 5K
We did an awesome hike and climbed 1,000 feet in elevation!
81 🌟 8 52:00 Female Reno, NV 10K
82 43:00 Female Scranton, IA 5K
83 🐢 32:10 Female Nashua, NH 5K
84 ⭐️ 4 52:28 Female Otego, NY 68° F 10K
It was a great morning for a run. Cool for the summer and overcast.
85 🌟 5 47:44 Female Maryland, NY 5K
It was a cool and beautiful Upstate New York morning. Perfect running weather.
86 3:00:00 Male North Attleboro, MA Half Marathon
87 🌟 7 1:01:30 Female Apex, NC 89° F 5K
88 ⭐️ 2 2:16:00 Female Los Angeles , CA 80° F Half Marathon
Virtual half marathon complete! I signed up to participate in @thepuppyrun again and decided to knock it out in one long run. I could have broken it up into a few runs, as long as it was completed by August 13, but wanted to push myself a little harder tonight. Took my time with it and enjoyed the pretty sunset half way in. Now I can proudly display the medal and wear the t shirt! Wee!
89 🐢 54:07 Male Sartell, MN 5K
90 ⭐️ 3 59:52 Female Sartell, MN 10K
91 🌟 6 1:10:00 Female Honey Brook, PA 5K
Snickers and I finished out ran in 1 hour 10 minutes. It was very hot and humid so I think she did well for a little morkie.
92 🐢 1:10:00 Female Honey Brook, PA 5K
Snickers and I finished out ran in 1 hour 10 minutes. It was very hot and humid so I think she did well for a little morkie.
93 🐢 1:20:00 Female Gainesville, GA 5K
Tootsie Pop and her momma went hiking for her Virtual Puppy Run. We went to Meeks Park's Dog Park. She was able to finish the race and earn her very first medal!!!
94 πŸ† 14 26:11 Female Heber Springs, AR 68° F 5K
95 🐢 26:08 Female Heber Springs, AR 68° F 5K
96 1:01:31 Female 70° F 5K
It was cloudy most of the day, and less humid than it has been in awhile so, I thought it would be the best day to do the event. Unfortunately, my dog was more into sniffing than usual, which slowed me down, but we were able to get it in before it started to rain, so that was great! We just went around our neighborhood which is what we do nearly everyday!
97 3:34:06 Female MN 70° F 5K
We hiked around a lake at 10,000'+, with a 850' elevation gain (hence our time) on the top of Beartooth was a blast and incredibly beautiful
98 29:19 Female Fort Lauderdale, FL 99° F 5K
Very hot but for a great cause.
99 πŸ† 10 1:04:14 Female Rock Island, IL 79° F 10K
Great Run!
100 35:02 Female Fort Lauderdale, FL 99° F 5K
Good Run, The Heat Index was very high. But it was all for a good cause.
101 🌟 5 1:16:54 Female Bethel Island, CA 5K
102 1:15:00 Female North Liberty, IA 79° F 5K
103 29:05 Female NJ 5K
104 🐢 52:12 Female Fayetteville, NC 5K
105 πŸ† 21 52:12 Female Fayetteville, NC 5K
106 42:19 Male edmonds, WA 5K
107 ⭐️ 4 33:35 Female Shoreline, WA 5K
Third Puppy Run! was a bit warm and smokey but still a good morning to be out running in memory of our Dusty.
108 1:10:00 Female Austin, TX 80° F 5K
It was a hot humid morning (81% humidity). Went 3.53 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes
109 23:57 Male Bellmawr, NJ 74° F 5K
Mid morning run around a beautiful Lake while sporting the pride of the Sayian race!
110 2:38:04 Female Sterling, VA 80° F 10K
Pugsley started and quickly returned home after the first half mile. Teah is a walking best and did the whole walk. We walked to the farmers market checked out the veggies and then headed to the Potomac Trail. Met many pups along the way!
111 πŸ† 15 44:58 Female Coeur d Alene, ID 88° F 5K
112 56:43 Female BELLMAWR, NJ 74° F 5K
113 ⭐️ 2 3:22:15 Female White Bear Lake, MN 65° F Half Marathon
I ran/walked intervals, I have never done a half marathon--I started at approximately 5am and finished 3 hours later---and guess what, I feel good, I feel great actually!!!!
114 57:17 Female Alameda, CA 5K
This is actually for Mady (5y/o)
115 57:18 Male Alameda, CA 5K
116 40:41 Male Alameda, CA 5K
117 🌟 5 36:02 Female Alameda, CA 5K
118 47:54 Female US 75° F 5K
119 1:02:27 Female Anchorage, AK 74° F 5K
My dog , Copper, and I walked the PuppyRun 5k at our local dog park. It was our first virtual race. We did several laps around the lake and met plenty of other pooches enjoying their weekend exercise. Alaska is having a record breaking heatwave for this time of year. Walking in the heat was a bit much for me and my pooch with are acclivity to colder weather. There is no way we could have surviv... See more »
120 🐢 🌟 9 1:20:32 Female Pinellas Park, FL 85° F 10K
Little farther than a 10K on this steamy summer morning!
121 🐢 5:36:00 Female Chicago, IL 75° F 5K
For my first run it was pretty nice.
122 ⭐️ 3 3:53:33 Female Newburgh, IN 77° F Half Marathon
Had a great walk! Looking forward to the next!
123 2:07:16 Female Redding, CA 105° F 10K
Broke it up into segments because of the extreme heat where I live. I hate treadmills but did 2 miles on one.
124 🌟 5 39:21 Female Olean, NY 65° F 5K
125 55:36 Female Alameda, CA 5K
126 ⭐️ 2 35:26 Female Northville, MI 5K
Team Whitchurch ran at Maybury State Park in Michigan. We stayed on the paved trails and there was plenty of shade to keep us cool. The kids needed a little "parental motivation" but we finished strong and together! Go Team Whitchurch!
127 ⭐️ 4 59:29 Female Olean, NY 66° F 5K
it was windy but awesome! people hit new goals so thats always amazing!!
128 ⭐️ 2 33:00 Female Loveland, OH 5K
I run for Austin and Kylee!
129 57:59 Female US 5K
130 57:42 Male US 5K
131 57:16 Female US 5K
132 ⭐️ 2 33:34 Female Loveland, OH 60° F 5K
Had a great run with my pack: my friend Sue and her dog, Copley. Perfect running weather today in Ohio!
133 🐢 43:43 Female Las Vegas, NV 81° F 5K
Sunset Park...there was bunnies!
134 ⭐️ 3 43:43 Female Las Vegas , NV 81° F 5K
Sunset Park in Las Vegas with my PennyWorm😊
135 ⭐️ 2 49:13 Female Whittier, CA 66° F 5K
Struggled, but made it! Dedicating this run to my sweet Spankie Doodle, who passed nearly 3 years ago. I think of her every day.
136 🐢 2:30:00 Male Rochester, IL Half Marathon
137 ⭐️ 3 2:30:00 Female Rochester , IL Half Marathon
Ran 5K on two separate days back to back. Then walked the remaining miles around the great city of New Orleans. 1 hour 7 minutes running 6+ miles and added time for the remainder. Couldn't have ran that 6 miles without my baby boy Tyson
138 ⭐️ 3 1:28:28 Female Boston, MA 76° F 10K
139 ⭐️ 2 1:55:00 Female Livermore, CA 10K
140 48:30 Female Laurel, MD 10K
I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 6.30mi, time: 48:30, pace: 7:42min/mi, speed: 7.80mi/h.
141 🌟 9 56:01 Female Pompton Plains, NJ 5K
Too hot outside. Ran on treadmill
142 2:50:12 Female The Colony, TX 105° F Half Marathon
143 🐢 2:50:12 Male The colony, TX 105° F Half Marathon
144 🐢 51:28 Male Slippery Rock, PA 78° F 5K
Ran at Slippery Rock University. This pupper is trying to lose some weight and was in charge. When he was ready to run, I made sure there wasn't any tension in the leash. When he needed to walk, we did. We also made a couple of bathroom, sniff, and swim stops.
145 33:00 Male Odenton, MD 5K
146 33:00 Male MD 7° F 5K
147 🌟 7 1:50:25 Female Whittier, CA 75° F 5K
Hike was fun but hot!
148 ⭐️ 4 34:38 Female Kew Gardens, NY 92° F 5K
Always a great day when I can get out to run despite the humidity and hitting every single traffic light. I don't have a puppy so I went solo.
149 ⭐️ 2 2:56:00 Female MA Half Marathon
150 50:25 Female Evanston, IL 56° F 5K
I reached a milestone of beating my best 5k time. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
151 39:56 Female La Grange, TX 95° F 5K
152 🌟 9 42:30 Male Madison, AL 65° F 10K
My run was 10.1 miles. Above time is from 3.8 to 10.1 = 6.2 miles. Finally got a little break in the early morning temps and humidity.
153 🌟 6 1:04:00 Female Tucson, AZ 5K
Funnest 5K with the kids! A run through the park, a labrynth, donuts at the finish line and then the bats all flew out from under the bridge! They want to do it all again!!
154 ⭐️ 3 27:46 Female Abilene , TX 82° F 5K
Beautiful early morning run watching the sun come up.
155 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
156 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
157 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
158 40:00 Female Marysville , OH 5K
159 25:00 Female Sneads Ferry, NC 60° F 5K
160 23:58 Male Redmond, WA 83° F 5K
Ran the Puppy Run with my dad last week -- I'm officially faster than dogs now πŸ˜‰
161 🐢 1:15:00 Female Rome, NY 84° F 5K
Little to warm to run so we walked with her brother Roscoe.
162 🐢 1:15:00 Male Rome, NY 84° F 5K
Little to warm up run so we walked so we walked with his sister Fi
163 🐢 51:15 Male Pelham, NH 5K
164 🌟 6 51:15 Female Pelham, NH 5K
165 37:17 Female Altoona, IA 74° F 5K
166 31:30 Female Baltimore, MD 59° F 5K
Did it with my Back on My Feet-Baltimore Team! It was great!
167 ⭐️ 2 59:01 Female Baltimore, MD 70° F 10K
168 🌟 9 18:48 Male Redmond, WA 92° F 5K
The Puppy Run made me one hot dog -- it was over 90 degrees!!!
169 ⭐️ 4 33:29 Female Grants Pass , OR 5K
170 🌟 5 34:12 Female Austin, TX 5K
New PR!
171 🌟 6 45:00 Female Marathon, FL 5K
172 πŸ† 11 1:13:28 Female San Antonio , TX 77° F 10K
173 31:25 Male Hopkins, MN 78° F 5K
174 1:11:00 Female Old Fort, NC 84° F 10K
175 1:11:00 Female Marion, NC 84° F 10K
Great!!! Love the virtual run! We had to split the race up into 2 days because it was too warm for the pups, but it all worked out
176 41:09 Female Council Bluffs , IA 85° F 5K
It was a great run, a pr for me at the 5k. Posted about it on 8/2 on IG
177 26:25 Female Dover, PA 77° F 5K
Great 4 mile run for a total of 34:20. 5k time 25:26. Felt really humid and hard to breathe today.
178 🌟 5 1:02:34 Female Redding, CA 86° F 5K
Hot day, but we did it!!
179 🌟 8 42:25 Female Weston, FL 5K
On the treadmill!
180 πŸ† 12 37:43 Male San Bruno, CA 5K
Getting to run longer stretches at a time. #progress #thecomebacktrail
181 26:57 Female MN 80° F 5K
My fastest 5k ever!
182 🐢 53:16 Male Everett, WA 82° F 5K
Hi I'm Dexter! I am 100% CUTE
183 πŸ† 23 53:16 Female Everett, WA 82° F 5K
Love, Love, Love Puppues!!
184 ⭐️ 2 55:00 Female Miami, FL 5K
Actually walked almost 4 miles... In the rain
185 38:01 Female MA 85° F 5K
186 1:02:23 Female Social Circle, GA 87° F 5K
Had a awesome time walking with my mom!
187 πŸ† 13 1:02:23 Female Social Circle, GA 87° F 5K
My rescue babies are too old to do the run so I did this as a fun walk with my daughter! It was awesome!
188 1:02:00 Male US 90° F 10K
189 🌟 8 1:00:00 Female Silverdale, WA 80° F 5K
I was in Oceanside CA taking care of the grand dog. He is a St. Bernard Poodle mix and everyone would stop us and want to pet him. My time was not the best. Plus he had to stop and sniff everything.
190 🐢 32:42 Female Greenville, IN 5K
191 🐢 32:42 Male Greenville, IN 5K
192 🐢 1:16:28 Female Davis, CA 5K
Davis, CA / UCD Campus
193 🐢 1:02:31 Female Vancouver , WA 75° F 5K
I was in Eagle Crest on vacation so my walk was fabulous surrounded by deer, geese and beautiful mountain views and of course golf courses.... Blue skies and warm temps were a little hard on my boxers but not only did we walk this day but 5 days in a row for the pups!
194 27:00 Female North East, MD 5K
195 ⭐️ 2 1:00:30 Female Livermore, CA 5K
196 ⭐️ 2 45:48 Female North Pacific Beach, CA 71° F 5K
Mission Beach Boardwalk! Early morning... gorgeous outside. Dolphins in rare form playing!
197 45:15 Female Kernersville , NC 5K
This was my best run of the last two months and only my second 5k since coming back to running. Each mile improved, which was nice to see!
198 🐢 🌟 6 38:23 Female Willis, MI 67° F 5K
Puppy Run 5k with Lacy. Not too bad considering we haven't run in a week.
199 3:34:06 Female St. Cloud , MN 5K
200 1:16:40 Female Chicago, IL 5K
201 🐢 1:16:40 Female Chicago, IL 5K
202 🐢 1:16:40 Male Chicago, IL 5K
203 πŸ† 11 1:16:40 Female Chicago, IL 5K
204 ⭐️ 3 41:11 Male Fairbanks, AK 78° F 5K
Lots of fun running in Alaska
205 7:23:00 Male Albany, OR 90° F
Walk took me 7 hours in this heat! My "wiggle butts" came with me in the morning but chilled in the house AC
206 🐢 37:32 Female Irvine, CA 77° F 5K
Traveling with my mama during her 4th year veterinary clinics. Ran my first race with fitfam officially today in Austin, TX.
207 🌟 5 37:32 Female Austin, TX 77° F 5K
In Austin, TX for my 4th year veterinary clinics and lucky enough to be traveling with my puppy and able to run this virtual race with my best running mate!
208 ⭐️ 3 56:11 Female Eagle River, AK 5K
209 πŸ† 18 1:39:46 Female Beaverton, OR 60° F 10K
Got out early before it got hot, and got the walk done early in the week before it hits 100 degrees later this week!
210 🌟 7 39:30 Female Alachua, FL 80° F 5K
211 1:25:22 Male Alachua, FL 78° F 5K
212 43:48 Female Alexandria, VA 5K
213 1:46:00 Female Ypsilanti, MI 86° F 10K
Waited too late in the day, so hubby could go too. Walked Tuttlehill twice in the heat with 3 black dogs. Very tough to do in sum.
214 ⭐️ 3 33:43 Female Whittier, CA 71° F 5K
Took advantage of a grey/gloomy morning in SoCal! Using the puppy Run as a training tool for some other 5Ks that I have coming up! Very happy with my time!
215 🌟 5 1:02:27 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
216 🌟 5 1:02:27 Female Tucson, AZ 5K
217 🐢 2:30:14 Female Houston, TX 81° F Half Marathon
218 56:19 Female Beachwood , NJ 5K
219 1:02:00 Female NORMAN, OK 5K
220 🌟 5 36:36 Female Longmont , CO 5K
Nice day to run overcast and a bit warm. I was a bit slower due to how late it was
221 🌟 9 47:19 Female Davisburg, MI 84° F 5K
No official race this weekend, so I just did one on my own.
222 ⭐️ 3 1:22:30 Female Thunder Bay, ON 24° C 10K
Ran 15 km total in 2:08:30. Was hot and humid. Humidex was 29 C when I finished.
223 🐢 1:23:13 Female Evergreen, CO 70° F 10K
Did more than the 10k but I'm training for a 50k. This run was at 5000' which is much higher than I am use to.
224 ⭐️ 2 2:26:00 Female Bothell, WA Half Marathon
225 ⭐️ 4 1:11:44 Female Orangevale, CA 67° F 10K
It was a beautiful morning for a run! Ran with a friend through her neighborhood and the trail in the nature area at Maidu park - saw wild turkeys, jack rabbits as well as pet owners taking their dogs for a walk. I love these races!
226 ⭐️ 2 44:13 Female Crestline , OH 5K
227 2:35:04 Female Auburn, WA Half Marathon
Did my first full marathon. This was half ways
228 3:54:00 Female Tucson, AZ 93° F Half Marathon
I started walking Friday , 4.96 miles in 75 min,. Then Saturday got in 5.23 miles in 74 min and finished up today with 4.69 miles in 87 minutes. Saturday and Sunday were completed with my chihuahuas Noodle and Tucker:) It is over the needed distance but hard to get exactly with my Fitbit. We had fun and thanks for the swag. It awhile to get here. I just got it late yesterday but at least I did... See more »
229 🌟 7 43:10 Female NC 72° F 5K
230 ⭐️ 4 1:11:44 Female Roseville, CA 10K
231 🌟 5 30:50 Female Sykesville, MD 5K
232 🐢 1:15:59 Female 65° F 10K
233 🐢 ⭐️ 3 40:00 Female FL 82° F 5K
Slower than I wanted.
234 ⭐️ 2 1:20:00 Male White Bear Lake, MN 77° F 5K
Teddy and I are both champions today. It was a hot and very humid morning and after our walk Teddy jumped right into his puppy pool to cool off.
235 🐢 1:03:30 Female San Antonio, TX 77° F 5K
236 ⭐️ 4 1:03:30 Female San Antonio, TX 77° F 5K
237 53:26 Female Dallas, TX 90° F 5K
An awesome run with my BFF
238 57:18 Female NY 78° F 5K
239 ⭐️ 3 1:07:00 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
240 1:07:00 Male Tucson , AZ 5K
241 2:20:00 Female Lynnwood, WA 79° F 5K
I took my furry baby for a walk. He is a chihuahua and it was pretty hot out, so we took many breaks for shade and water. He is the happiest little angel ever.
242 2:17:28 Female Taunton, MA 10K
243 ⭐️ 3 46:29 Female Louisville, KY 5K
244 ⭐️ 4 38:22 Female Frankfort, IL 79° F 5K
245 🐢 1:19:27 Male Charles Town, WV 5K
246 1:19:27 Female Charles Town, WV 5K
247 47:00 Female Andover, NJ 5K
248 ⭐️ 2 45:32 Female Omaha, NE 5K
249 🐢 ⭐️ 2 52:10 Female Terre Haute, IN 80° F 5K
250 41:57 Female Apopka, FL 5K
251 39:50 Male Edmond, OK 70° F 10K
Went out to the Lake Hefner Running Trails in Oklahoma City, OK. Started out strong and just built off the strong start and finished stronger.
252 2:33:12 Female Sioux Falls, SD 67° F Half Marathon
I turned the puppy run into a full marathon. I've wanted to do one but not in a big race setting (way too much pressure). After I reached 13.1 it was quickly warming up and my legs were feeling it. It was tough. But so proud of doing my first (and probably only) full!!!
253 🐢 ⭐️ 2 40:00 Female Midlothian, VA 70° F 5K
It was a misty, but cooler than usual, morning by the lake. Hubby walked along and help manage Bailey, our lab/pit bull. She's good company, but easily distracted on our walks. We all had a great time. Thank you, FitFam.
254 ⭐️ 2 40:00 Female Menasha, WI 75° F 5K
255 🌟 7 54:58 Male Mundelein, IL 68° F 5K
I walked this one with my husband. It was his first time doing a 5K. We went for a nice walk at Independence Grove, which sadly doesn't allow dogs on their trails.
256 45:00 Female Nashville, TN 76° F 5K
My pup kept getting tired and laying down! Lol!
257 54:58 Male Mundelein, IL 68° F 5K
My first 5K. I walked at Independence Grove with my husband. Sadly, no dogs are allowed on the trails there.
258 ⭐️ 2 48:00 Male Vandalia, OH 72° F 5K
Ran the track at the Sports Complex. Great start to a sunny weekend!
259 23:44 Female Chatsworth , CA 5K
Screaming crazy downhill run from the top of Topanga overlook to just past the theatricum botanicum. My fastest 5K.
260 πŸ† 12 25:51 Female Henderson, NV 5K
Always a fun event!
261 🌟 7 1:23:00 Female Bradenton, FL 89° F 10K
262 🌟 7 48:50 Female Atlanta, GA 80° F 5K
Run was better than I thought. I shaved 15 seconds off my mile time from my last 5k race (in general not the last Puppy Run). It was so humid outside that I felt like I couldn't take a deep breath the whole run - but it must have worked.
263 🐢 54:00 Male Long Beach, WA 5K
264 3:52:00 Female Long Beach, WA Half Marathon
265 🐢 45:42 Male Young harris, GA 70° F 5K
My fur-mama and I had fun together today! Woof!
266 ⭐️ 2 45:42 Female Young Harris, GA 70° F 5K
Had a great time at Clay County Recreation running across Lake Chatuge Dam with my dad and favorite pooch Scout!
267 🌟 5 1:00:29 Female Brick, NJ 68° F 10K
It was a rough night last night our beloved cat passed away so I wound up waking up early and just wanted to run my emotions away so I hammered out this run.
268 21:49 Male Pembroke Pines, FL 5K
Recovery run training workout for New York Marathon, I did 2.02 miles
269 1:23:45 Female Bryn mawr, PA 73° F 10K
I hit the Radnor Trail for my longest run to date!!! I saw lots of cute puppies wagging along!
270 πŸ† 16 1:25:13 Female Miami, FL 90° F 10K
A bit more than 10k but felt good so kept on running. 7.59 miles