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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 18:44 Male Shreveport, LA 90° F 5K
Our running group had a great run on one of the local tracks within our community. We have a great group and we all encourage one another and enjoying being active together.
2 🌟 9 18:48 Male Redmond, WA 92° F 5K
The Puppy Run made me one hot dog -- it was over 90 degrees!!!
3 21:49 Male Pembroke Pines, FL 5K
Recovery run training workout for New York Marathon, I did 2.02 miles
4 23:57 Male Bellmawr, NJ 74° F 5K
Mid morning run around a beautiful Lake while sporting the pride of the Sayian race!
5 23:58 Male Redmond, WA 83° F 5K
Ran the Puppy Run with my dad last week -- I'm officially faster than dogs now πŸ˜‰
6 🐢 26:53 Male CA 5K
I ❀️Running with my person 🐾
7 🐢 27:29 Male Oswego, IL 5K
8 31:25 Male Hopkins, MN 78° F 5K
9 🐢 32:42 Male Greenville, IN 5K
10 33:00 Male MD 7° F 5K
11 33:00 Male Odenton, MD 5K
12 πŸ† 13 37:43 Male San Bruno, CA 5K
Getting to run longer stretches at a time. #progress #thecomebacktrail
13 39:50 Male Edmond, OK 70° F 10K
Went out to the Lake Hefner Running Trails in Oklahoma City, OK. Started out strong and just built off the strong start and finished stronger.
14 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
15 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
16 🐢 40:00 Male Marysville, OH 5K
17 40:00 Male Slippery Rock, PA 75° F 5K
18 40:41 Male Alameda, CA 5K
19 ⭐️ 3 41:11 Male Fairbanks, AK 78° F 5K
Lots of fun running in Alaska
20 42:19 Male edmonds, WA 5K
21 🌟 9 42:30 Male Madison, AL 65° F 10K
My run was 10.1 miles. Above time is from 3.8 to 10.1 = 6.2 miles. Finally got a little break in the early morning temps and humidity.
22 🐢 45:42 Male Young harris, GA 70° F 5K
My fur-mama and I had fun together today! Woof!
23 ⭐️ 2 48:00 Male Vandalia, OH 72° F 5K
Ran the track at the Sports Complex. Great start to a sunny weekend!
24 🐢 51:15 Male Pelham, NH 5K
25 🐢 51:28 Male Slippery Rock, PA 78° F 5K
Ran at Slippery Rock University. This pupper is trying to lose some weight and was in charge. When he was ready to run, I made sure there wasn't any tension in the leash. When he needed to walk, we did. We also made a couple of bathroom, sniff, and swim stops.
26 🐢 53:16 Male Everett, WA 82° F 5K
Hi I'm Dexter! I am 100% CUTE
27 🐢 54:00 Male Long Beach, WA 5K
28 🐢 54:07 Male Sartell, MN 5K
29 πŸ† 16 54:45 Male Richland, WA 61° F 10K
I went to Pacific City, Or. for a wedding and I found out the day before that there was a beach run, but of course I only brought wedding shoes and sandals. I hit up the Nike Outlet store and bought some new trainers. Laced up the shoes for the first time and took to the sand... Then got my new PUPPY (since this is all about puppies)
30 🌟 9 54:58 Male Mundelein, IL 68° F 5K
I walked this one with my husband. It was his first time doing a 5K. We went for a nice walk at Independence Grove, which sadly doesn't allow dogs on their trails.
31 54:58 Male Mundelein, IL 68° F 5K
My first 5K. I walked at Independence Grove with my husband. Sadly, no dogs are allowed on the trails there.
32 57:18 Male Alameda, CA 5K
33 57:42 Male US 5K
34 🐢 1:00:00 Male Canyon country, CA 5K
Did this event over three days. I earned my medal but don't want to wear it, even for a photo.
35 1:02:00 Male US 90° F 10K
36 🐢 1:02:20 Male Bryan, OH 75° F 5K
Louie: This was a lot of fun! I went with Mom and my big brother at the same time. I set a PR - the longest distance I've even gone and the longest time I've walked! I loved getting treats when I got home. Oscar: The little dog slowed me down - and he barked a lot. We went out to the path at the retention pond, so we got that long walk, plus car rides there and back. I smelled lots of ... See more »
37 🌟 5 1:02:27 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
38 1:03:51 Male Spiro, OK 5K
39 1:05:00 Male CA 75° F 5K
Walked a brisk pace along the bay trial with my puppy Rocky
40 🐢 1:05:00 Male Foster City, CA 75° F 5K
Enjoyed my long walk out with my mom..she took us on the bay trail.
41 1:07:00 Male Tucson , AZ 5K
42 ⭐️ 3 1:07:00 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
43 🐢 1:15:00 Male Rome, NY 84° F 5K
Little to warm up run so we walked so we walked with his sister Fi
44 🐢 1:15:45 Male Reno, NV 5K
We did an awesome hike and climbed 1,000 feet in elevation!
45 🐢 1:15:45 Male Reno, NV 5K
We did a hike and we climbed 1,000 feet in elevation!
46 🐢 1:16:40 Male Chicago, IL 5K
47 🐢 1:17:30 Male US 85° F 5K
I walked with my dog Rocco and I was so proud that he was able to finish. During Rocco's younger years, he would be able to run 5K straight. However, now that he is much older, this little Yorkie is unable to 'run' as he used and was therefore restricted to walking his event. Still, he had fun time doing his walk along the beach amidst all the people and activity next to the ocean in fairly ... See more »
48 🐢 1:19:27 Male Charles Town, WV 5K
49 ⭐️ 2 1:20:00 Male White Bear Lake, MN 77° F 5K
Teddy and I are both champions today. It was a hot and very humid morning and after our walk Teddy jumped right into his puppy pool to cool off.
50 1:25:22 Male Alachua, FL 78° F 5K
51 🐢 2:30:00 Male Rochester, IL Half Marathon
52 🐢 2:50:12 Male The colony, TX 105° F Half Marathon
53 3:00:00 Male North Attleboro, MA Half Marathon
54 7:23:00 Male Albany, OR 90° F
Walk took me 7 hours in this heat! My "wiggle butts" came with me in the morning but chilled in the house AC
55 1:12:00:00 Male Markham, ON 26° C Half Marathon
Objective achieved ... got my kids out walking around Niagara Falls and the local historical village over a weekend. No puppies involved :)